Root Access is reopening! The hackerspace is now open to members only Fridays/Saturdays from 12pm-9pm and Sundays from 12pm-7pm.

Check out our blog post to get all the details!

For the community. By the community.

Root Access was founded in June 2017 with the goal of filling the gaps in Fresno's technology scene by building a community space for coders, electronics hobbyists, and other technology makers to learn, explore, and share. Within three days, having told only a handful of friends, over $13,000 was raised to help get the space off the ground. A week later, over 50 people attended a community meeting where the space was announced.

Root Access officially opened in August 2017 inside a 2,700ft² space in the Tower District, with nothing more than some plastic folding tables and a small assortment of tools. Today we have diverse tool set, including 3D printers, laser cutters, electronics workstation, wood shop, textile arts and crafting studio, and more all the time! We host tons of events, including workshops and meetups, and have grown to 69 members!

Growing a hackerspace

The story of tech in Fresno

2010 - 2016 Prologue


The tech scene in Fresno explodes with the launch of 59DaysOfCode. It is the spark that ignites the community.


Fresno's first co-workspace, The Hashtag, opens up and becomes the hangout for technology and creative professionals.


Bitwise Industries is born, offering software development services, office space for tech companies, and coding classes. They spearhead the growth of tech in Fresno.

2017 Let's start a hackerspace!

June 2017

Wanting even more out of the local tech community, a plucky band of friends decide to start the first hackerspace in Fresno.

Will this even work out, or will it go down in flames? We don't know, but we need to try.

August 2017

Root Access Hackerspace opens its doors for the first time. The goal is to fill the gaps in local tech and to build a community space for coders, electronics hobbyists, and other technology makers.

August 2017

Our first major outreach event. We attend the 59DaysOfCode competition expo with one small table.

October 2017

GDG Fresno invites us to run the makerspace track at Valley DevFest. We build home assistants using knockoff Raspberry Pis. They were oh-kay.

2018 Finding our Feet

March 2018

Another conference, another makerspace track! We teach soldering and microcontrollers at the International Women's Day Conference for WTMFresno.

April 2018

HackFresno, Fresno State's student hackathon, invites us to table. We show up with equipment and supplies, give talks, and provide mentorship during the 36-hour hackathon.

August 2018

Back at Valley DevFest for the makerspace track, this time with soldering kits and BBC micro:bits!

2019 Going Non-Profit

January 2019

Team 3303 asks if we would be willing to host them for the 2019 FIRST Robotics build season. We say yes because — duh! — robots are awesome!

February 2019

Back at it again with HackFresno, this time with even more equipment for the hackers, more talks on coding and 3D printing, and guidance for the hackers.

March 2019

Another International Women's Day Conference makerspace track. We spent all day helping several dozen people make custom LED earrings.

April 2019

We organize Makers Day for the Fresno Grizzlies at Chukchansi Park. It's a chance for makers and technologists to meet up with the public and show off what we do.

May 2019

Root Access is reborn as a not-for-profit organization, paving the way for continued growth and putting the hackerspace directly into the hands of the community that helped build it.

2020 Community and Collaboration

March 2020

Covid-19 hits the nation. Amidst a massive PPE shortage, we organize efforts to make masks and face shields for the community and create over 4,000 pieces of PPE.

Closed for safety. The community stays connected through Slack, and we host all meetups and events virtually.

2021 The Great Reawakening

We hope...