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Central California Asthma Collaborative

The Central California Asthma Collaborative works across the entire San Joaquin Valley to reduce the burden of asthma and related conditions through education, intervention, policy analysis and advocacy by improving care and reducing air pollution.

The San Joaquin Valley has some of the worst air in the nation. We want to help fix that.

We're applying our skills and building new technology to paint a clearer picture of how our air is doing. The data we collect can be analyzed and used to help drive policy decisions that will benefit all of us.

Photo Credit: Gary Kazanjian/AP
Mockup of the network map

San Joaquin Valley AIR

Still in development, SJVAIR is a program that aims to build a network of useful low-cost air quality monitors for communities, and to collect and aggregate data from this and other air networks (such as Purple Air) for analysis.

Root Access is developing the technology, both hardware and software, to make this happen:

  • Prototype low-cost IoT air monitors using off-the-shelf microcontrollers and sensors.
  • Cloud-based API and data warehouse for all of the environmental data collected by the air monitors.
  • Integration with existing air monitoring networks for a better understanding of the quality of our air.
  • Web-based portal for data mapping and analysis.

Air Monitor Testing & Calibration

Root Access provides the space for testing and calibration of CCAC's Purple Air monitors before they're put into the field for data collection.

Configuring a batch of Purple Air monitors before they're tested and calibrated.

Building the air monitor rack on our roof and setting up monitors.

We can test and calibrate up to thirty-six Purple Air monitors at a time.