What does membership get you?

Access to our tools and equipment for making all kinds of projects.

Sweet discounts on class and workshop fees.

Invitations to special members-only events.

More opportunities to connect with the local maker community.

Contributing to a community space for Fresno's techies, makers, and artists.

Root Access is an all-volunteer, community-supported organization, and we rely on memberships to keep it all going. Our goal is 100 members for the space to be sustainable.


91 / 100 members

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Membership Levels


per month
per year

Full access to the space and all our tools when we're open, and by appointment when we're not. The world is your burrito!


per month
per year

Full membership at a discounted rate, because everyone should have access to their local hackerspace.

Casual / Supporter

per month

Perfect for regular meetup attendees or general supporters. Access to certain tools may be limited.

* Annual plans include one free month for paying up front.

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Who can get a discount membership?

We want Root Access to be accessible to everyone, with as few barriers to entry as possible, and we're pleased to offer a discounted membership rate to anyone who considers themselves in the following groups:

and students

Active military
and veterans

People with

Immediate family of
an existing member

All members are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct and all other rules outlined in the Member Handbook while at the space or while engaging with the Root Access community, both online and offline. Membership is available to anyone 18 years of age or older (though we often run events and workshops where minors are welcome). Anyone who volunteers their time in the space or at outreach events and/or contributes in a meaningful way to the space may be eligible for a period of free or discounted membership.