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Root Access is a community hackerspace and makerspace. More specifically, we are a membership-based, all-volunteer, non-profit, shared community workspace for people interested in art, technology, crafting, and making!

This wiki is our collective knowledgebase for what's at Root Access and how to use it, along with other ancillary information about the space. It is about fabrication and making and a bit of hacking, and covers tools, techniques, materials, safety, settings, and sources.

Who We Are

We are a building full of tools, equipment, and resources for members to use in their personal or collaborative projects.

We are a community space that promotes the growth of local art, technology, crafting, and making by hosting community events that are free and open to the public.

We are a learning space with...

  • Classes and workshops focused on tool safety, skill development, or just making something cool.
  • Workforce development programs to help lift people up and equip them with the skills needed to land jobs in technology, manufacturing, and fabrication. (Work in Progress, Coming Soon!)

Root Access building

How to Find Us

Our address is:

1476 N. Van Ness Ave.
Fresno, CA 93728

We are proudly located in the Tower District's Van Ness Village, about a block south of Fresno City College.

Feel free to drop by for a tour during our public business hours:

  • Thursday, 12pm - 7pm
  • Friday, 12pm - 9pm
  • Saturday, 12pm - 9pm
  • Sunday, 12pm - 7pm

Map of Our Space

Root Access Layout

How to Join

  1. Sign up for monthly or annual dues.
  2. Complete the required forms.
  3. Drop by during our open hours for a full tour.
  4. Show commitment, have ideas, and get involved!

How to Help

  • Become a member, there's strength in numbers!
    • Want to support the space but don't need a full membership? Consider a Casual / Supporting membership for just $19/month!
  • Make a donation to help us buy new tools and equipment! (We accept cash, card, and crypto.)
  • Teach a class!
  • Spread the word!
    • Share us on social media.
    • Stop by the space to pick up some brochures or cards to hand out.

What's going on at Root Access?

  • The website calendar is our main calendar. You can import community events into your Google or Apple calendar.
  • Many events are cross-posted to Facebook and Meetup.
  • Discord automatically imports events from our website calendar.
  • There's a TV at the front of the space that shows upcoming events, check it out when you stop by!

Community Stuff

  • ArtHop – Our guidelines if you want to show with us!
  • Discord – Hang out with us online!

Some of the information here has been gathered from the wiki's of other makerspaces and hackerspaces throughout the world. We are grateful to the makers at those spaces for sharing their knowledge to the benefit of our community here at Root Access. ❤️

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