Contributing To The Wiki

Getting Permission

If you'd like to get access to edit the wiki, please get in touch with Derek (email or Discord work best!) and he'll add the permission to your Root Access website account.


This wiki uses Markdown, specifically Github Flavored Markdown. We're using the markdown-it-py parser, with a number of Open Source and custom plugins that extend functionality.

Installed Plugins


We are using a number of plugins from the mdit-py-plugins package:

  • Admonitions
  • Attributes (block and inline)
  • Containers (box and notification)
  • Definition Lists
  • Footnotes
  • Heading Anchors
  • Task Lists

Please reference their documentation for the syntax of extra features.


mdit-py-emoji gives us a syntax for ✨ emoji ✨!


...And so on. The full list of conversions can be found in mdit_py_emoji/

Custom Syntax

We have a few syntax additions that help streamline certain things and make it a little easier to contribute.

Instead of having to grab the full URL to a wiki page, for example , you can just wrap the target page slug in a couple of square brackets:

[[Laser_Cutting]]Laser Cutting

File Attachments

To display a file on a page, that file must be upload to the page on the editing screen. Once a file is uploaded, it can be referenced in the markdown.

Display the file URL{{File:rootaccess-avatar.png}}/media/attachments/wakawaka_wikipage/16/rootaccess-avatar.png
Display an image![image alt text]({{File:rootaccess-avatar.png}}){width=50px}image alt text
Link to a file[Get the file!]({{File:rootaccess-avatar.png}})Get the file!

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