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Shapeoko HDM

Our resin printing station.


We generally have a bottle or two of resin available – usually gray. We buy the Anycubic or Elegoo brands, as they're plant-based and slightly more environmentally friendly when being produced.

Resin Safety

  • Know that photopolymer (UV) resin is toxic! Avoid skin and eye contact.
    • Wear chemical resistant gloves! We keep boxes of nitrile gloves at the resin station, and they should never be moved.
    • Eye protection is recommended! We don't enforce eye protection at the resin station, but it is a good idea. Safety glasses are available at the resin station.
    • Wash up when you're done! Even though you wore gloves, you should still wash your hands after handling resin.
  • Resin is stinky! The resin printers can make the whole area smell like resin, so...
    • Use the air purifiers! We have a couple mini carbon filters at the resin station. Please place one inside the printer while you're printing, and be sure to put it back on the charger when you're done!
    • Be considerate of the space! If there's an event going on or the space i full of people, maybe consider holding off on working with resin until the area is more clear.

TODO: The resin station needs an eye wash station.



There are two commonly recommended slicers for resin printing, and which one you use may depend on your printer.


Elegoo Mars 2

Anycubic Photon Mono SQ


Wash station

Cure station

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