Fast Art

Ages 16 & up


This class will enable students to produce eight pieces of art in one session.

This class is designed to enable artists (or any enthusiast) to loosen up old habits and works more quickly, making faster progress with greater confidence. Participants will create a painting in the first hour, and after a brief discussion, we will then cut the painting in eight equal pieces, reworking and finishing them in the remaining time. We will end the class with a final discussion, analyzing our results. This is a fun excercise in a very relaxed atmosphere!


What we will cover:

We will explore this quicker process with acrylic paints, using simple abstraction or pattern-making. You do not need any prior experience with abstract art.

We will discuss ways of making quicker decisions in our artmaking process, including ways to overcome challengeds within our work.

What to Bring

Acrylic paint. Unless you already have paint, consider bringing a box set, easily available at an art supply store or big box retailer.

Brushes. Flat or round bristle brushes can also be found in assortments. You may also wish to bring cheap bristle brushes from a hardware store.

We will be providing heavy watercolor or multimedia paper.

Class Details

2 seats remaining
1476 N. Van Ness Ave.
Fresno, CA 93728

June 8, 2024, 1pm – 4pm 3 hours

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