One Year

We want to take a moment to acknowledge the passage of time in what has been quite a year.

Hi friends,

One year ago today, on March 18th, 2020, we announced that Root Access would be closed through the end of the month in order to comply with the shelter in place order. One year later, our doors are still closed to members and the general public. It's an odd anniversary to celebrate – and "celebrate" isn't even the right word. Acknowledge, maybe?

We are incredibly fortunate to have survived this long into the pandemic when so many others – businesses, organizations, and loved ones – have not. Through the hard work and generosity of our community, we're able to ensure that the hackerspace will be here to reopen when it's safe to do so.

And that's really what I want to acknowledge today: our community.

I always say this, but it never feels more true than right now in this moment: the hackerspace would not be here today without you. So, to everyone who volunteered on special projects (making PPE, building SJVAir, contributing to Pi Day, and more), has kept their membership active, has signed up as a new member, and to those who simply hang out with all of us in Slack...

Thank you.

You are what keeps the hackerspace going.

I can't wait to reopen the space, to get back to hacking and making, to host meetups and events, to run classes and workshops, to get back to building Root Access into a more accessible, equitable, and diverse community space. There is so much we want to do when we reopen, so many events we want to run, so many organizations we want to partner with, and so many people we want to see, shake hands with, and hug.

I can't wait for us all to gather at the hackerspace again.

We're almost through this, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, please take care, keep socially distancing, wear a mask, and get a vaccine. We love you.


Derek Payton
Founder & Executive Director